Anyone and everyone

Career management support services for anyone and everyone………….

We are able to offer support to anyone who requires assistance with a key career choice. This could be:

  • as a result of redundancy or compromise departure
  • on retirement
  • due to leaving a long term job and being unsure how to find the next one
  • after leaving the armed forces
  • graduates facing early stage career choices
  • sports people facing retirement from their chosen sport
  • youth academy players in football, rugby and cricket being released from their club
  • anyone at a career crossroads and unsure of which career path to take next        support - for anyone and everyone

Anyone who requires help with a critical career choice can be supported by our services at any point in their career.

Please feel free to email us at or telephone 0161 449 5767 for an INFORMAL, NO OBLIGATION, CONFIDENTIAL DISCUSSION.


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