Select a recruitment company to work with

types of suppport

How should candidates select a recruitment company to work with? As a candidate your aim is to  ‘get a job’, does the journey to get the job matter or is it the arrival at the destination that counts? It is

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Talk to me

Are we losing the ability to talk to people directly, do you constantly think “why don’t they just talk to me”?. Cant we pick up the phone anymore and talk to our suppliers or customers. Are we relying on emails,

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Career Management Eggsperts


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How to get your first Non Executive Director Role

The Holy Grail: getting your first Non Executive Director Role There are many aspiring Executive Directors in the UK who would like to break into the world of Non Executives, but how do you get your first NED appointment? It’s

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Interview Tips for Candidates

managment and board level executives

Interviews can be very daunting. Here are a few interview tips and some questions you might want to consider 1. Do your homework! Find out as much information as possible about the company. Print out their web page or at least

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Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust

Recently Dame Kelly Holmes showed why she is more than just an Olympian. Following on from her hugely successful athletics career she went on to create a legacy to inspire others – The Dame Kelly Holmes legacy trust  The trust

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Are you being Appraised?

Whilst there may be daily or regular contact and exchanges between a manager and staff, how often is time allowed for an in depth review and discussion? Every employee has a part to play and regular and effective communication will

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Just a telephone interview?


The scenario – Career Management Experts have looked at your strengths and  qualities, assisted you with your CV,  Cork Griffiths has submitted your details for a potential role and now you have been told that the prospective employee will be

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What do recruiters look for in a CV

The reality is recruiters only spend a short time looking at a CV. But what do recruiters look for in a CV. The time spent reviewing a CV can be as little as 15-20 seconds. In this time they need

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