Career Management Services




Our career management and advancement services programme speeds up the time it takes to get the job you want

Are you at a career crossroads ? Does your CV really sell your skills ? Do you need proactive input to find your next role ?

Our career management services are geared to helping you at every point in your career. The process is as follows:

Initial CV and career assessment

This involves a “free of charge” discussion with one of our Career Management specialists and usually lasts around one and a half hours. At the end of the discussion, we will make some recommendations on your current CV (there are always a number of improvements which will give it a “boost”) and based on what you have said, make an assessment of the support we think you need at that point.

We then like you to reflect on what has been discussed and come back to us with any questions and discuss whether you’d like to progress to the full career management programme.

This initial stage assessment is totally free of charge and you will be able to implement a number of our suggestions immediately, even if you decide not to progress to the next stage.

Phase 1 – Full career management support programme

Following on from the initial career assessment, we will review the discussion and start to make the steps necessary to help you transition to the next career level. This is a full programme of support lasting as long as you need it.

We will incorporate whatever support you need which will likely cover and include sessions on: dealing with your personal and emotional state; CV re-write; skills, strengths and achievements analysis; networking support; jobs board training; presentation skills workshop; interview techniques; social media and personal branding; quarterly mentoring support.

The early sessions will help you to address your current situation and assess how to move forwards positively.

Throughout the programme, we include many sessions covering different discussions. The ultimate aim is to get you to the place where you want to be – whether it be the next employed role, a portfolio career/NED appointments or even owning your own business (including management buy-ins and franchise opportunities).

We offer a listening and sympathetic ear to support you at all times.

For some people, particularly in the early stages, this can be a potentially difficult and emotional time and we recognise this.

We will work together at a pace to suit you.

Initial and early stage meetings are normally undertaken face to face but after this, whilst we are always happy to meet up, we also use Skype VOIP portal to deliver our service. [Skype is a very useful tool for those touch point discussions when you need a face to face contact at short notice. It is free to download and free to use].

We work with you in the way which suits you best.

We offer programmes lasting for 3, 6 and 12 months and subject to the length of support required, prices for our programme range from £2250 to £6250 inclusive of VAT.

Please note that some or all of the cost of an outplacement programme may be supported by your employer as part of a redundancy or exit package. Do ask the question of your employer whether this is the case – they have a moral duty of care to help you at this time in your career.

Phase 2- Ongoing support throughout your career

Once you have become a user of our career advancement service, we will always be there to support you at any time in your career and we will always be happy to have a conversation. We will be available to meet up as and when you need us for those important discussions at key points in your career.

Please also ask about our list of services which are offered on a menu basis – these can be taken individually or in groups of modules.

For further information, please email and we will respond quickly, ordinarily within 12 hours.

We also handle Corporate Outplacement exercises. Please see our dedicated page