Corporate outplacement

Specialists in corporate outplacement exercises and redundancy programmes on behalf of private and corporate clients

We are specialists in handling corporate outplacement and redundancy programmes, for staff job losses from 1 to 250 staff.

Our consultants offer a comprehensive service and have experience in dealing with corporate outplacement for a mix of privately owned businesses along with some of the UKs top corporates in diverse sectors such as food, insurance, utilities, manufacturing, engineering, textiles, energy, utilities. We also handle redundancy programmes for a number of public sector organisations and can guarantee sensitivity, confidentiality, an appropriate level of care, diligence and a supportive hand to ensure that the process is handled as effectively and efficiently as possible and at all times with a keen eye on the effect these type of situations can have on your public image and your brand value.

Our experience includes counselling for “redundancy survivors”; a group which are often overlooked due to their jobs being saved. However, there is often great concern amongst such “survivors” about their future role security within the diminished business post-redundancy. We ensure that these people are treated with care but at the same time, we work with them to galvanise and focus them and to ensure that the business can continue to operate successfully and efficiently after a redundancy exercise has taken place.

For further information on how we can help your business with its outplacement or redundancy processes, please email or telephone us on 0161 449 5767.