Own your own business

Ever thought of being in a position to own your own business ?                                  own your own business

Often, after a career changing event such as redundancy or other departure from an employer, many individuals consider the “own your own business” option. This could take many forms such as:

  • Setting a business up from scratch – this could involve turning a hobby into a real business or turning an idea into reality
  • Developing a portfolio career – this would likely involve working with a number of growing businesses simultaneously on a part time basis
  • Buying into an existing business or joining a friend’s business – potentially a less risky way of getting into business for yourself
  • Taking on a franchise role – there are thousands of businesses in the UK which operate on a franchised model. If you would like further information on how to go about looking into the idea, please take a look at our franchising page.

Either way, there are lots of options open to you. You need to research each carefully and don’t jump into the first thing you think of. Contact us now to see how we can offer you further assistance.