Portfolio careers


Have you considered working for yourself ? Portfolio careers could be the answer

Often, after a career changing event such as redundancy or a compromise departure from a previous employer, many individuals turn to a portfolio career.

This is where the individual works with a number of organisations on a part time basis simultaneously.

This can be very rewarding and offer great variety in terms of client size, sector, the point in life cycle of the business eg start up or well established, future aims and objectives, etc.

We can give you assistance with this type of career move and help you to establish yourself as a Portfolio Director.

Individuals often wonder how to go about securing their first portfolio or Non Executive role as this can often be a difficult challenge. One key way to go about this is to consider taking on a voluntary or pro-bono role. There are lots of these type of roles (many of them exist within the public sector or charitable organisations) and it’s a great starting point to build your portfolio career. Please take a look at an article we wrote  which focuses on this particular aspect. Click here for the full article

This type of role can sometimes lead to an individual being offered an equity stake in a company, often in return for a reduced day rate charge or in some instances where the individual has worked on a non-paid or “sweat equity” basis.

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