Retiring management professionals

Support for retiring management professionals at a time when you need it most. 

The thought of impending retirement can be daunting especially if you don’t feel ready to face it or you’re not geared up financially.

At such a time, we can help you to prepare for your retirement and also, to deal with the options once you’ve retired.

If you don’t wish to continue working in a part time or voluntary capacity after formal retirement, then there are many forms of support we can offer. For example, we can help you with any or all of the following:

  • Wealth and financial planning
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Physical challenges
  • Hobbies and leisure pursuits
  • Home planning including downsizing or relocation

If you are looking to continue working in some capacity, then we can help you to explore your options and also, facilitate introductions to relevant companies or third parties.

Other options you may wish to consider could include looking into franchising, portfolio consultancy or Non Executive Director appointments.

Don’t forget, just because you’ve retired, doesn’t mean you have to stop contributing to business – you have a wealth of experience to offer and many companies are keen to benefit from that experience.

Retirement support services

We are happy to conduct an initial discussion free of charge. Thereafter, if you decide to utilise our support services, then we do charge for these. A full service programme would likely take 8-10 hours and will be conducted over a number of weeks, costing around 500 pounds sterling.

If you would like a confidential discussion about retirement planning, please call our Director Sarah Ashworth on 07917 390254 or email