The Curriculum Vitae




The Curriculum Vitae – The Course of Life

The curriculum vitae is the first contact a prospective employer has with you and it is probably the most important document when seeking a new role. In today’s market the CV must be a strong document that effectively markets an individual and therefore stimulates a strong interest which leads to an interview.

To achieve this goal, the CV must therefore demonstrate achievements gained in each role. Duties and responsibilities are not required, achievements are the main and strong selling points.

Remember – people hire you not for what you have done but for WHAT YOU HAVE ACHIEVED!

In this increasingly competitive job market, it is vital to have a curriculum vitae which is able to really sell your skills and experience. Yes, of course the CV needs to convey all the necessary information BUT it’s all about getting the employers interest ahead of the next candidate! There are probably plenty of people with the same academic background so what makes you  stand out? Why are you different? What makes you special?

Achievements also allow the individual the opportunity of discussing the achievements and their relevance to the role being discussed.

The CV writing service offers a CV in 2 versions – Chronological and Functional. Examples are available.

The Service operates as follows:

  1. A Skype/person to person or email contact with the client.
  2. The client then is asked to complete an Achievements exercise and return to the consultant.
  3. A second session with the client to discuss the completed exercise.
  4. The consultant will then prepare drafts for both CVs.
  5. The consultant and client will then review etc.
  6. Final versions will then be completed and forwarded to the client for approval.

Cost: £110.00 inclusive of VAT.

Prospective employers want to see what you can do for them and how your achievements can be transferred into their business to add positive change and lasting value.

We can show you some very effective ways to make yourself more visible to employers and recruiters alike!

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