Youth academy footballers

youth academy footballersProviding a pathway to success for young footballers

A package of support to help them transition to the next stage of their career

If your time at a club is coming to an end, you will naturally feel disappointed, emotional and perhaps even annoyed.

But what are you going to do ?

Have you got skills and a good academic background to fall back on ?

It’s very competitive in the job market and you need to be prepared for a different direction or change of career – you need to be ready to develop yourself.

Doing something different within football

Doing something totally different outside of the game

There is a support service for youth academy footballers when leaving their club.

Working with football clubs and parents of academy boys in devising a pathway to future success. We want to help you to explore the options for your future.

Youth Academy team at Career Management Experts is led by Jamie Hoyland

Jamie is ex Man City and Bury footballer and subsequently Youth Academy Footballing Coach so we can definitely help you. Our service is focused on getting you on to a new track. It looks at a number of key things including:

  • Academic achievements and educational opportunities
  • What sort of person are you and what role you think will suit you
  • What sort of personality are you ? What’s your demeanour ? Are you positive ?
  • Other skills such as teamwork, leadership, entrepereneurship, managerial, coaching, etc
  • Other interests or influencers which could lead to a new career path
  • Ambition and long term goals

Working in conjunction with ex players and contacts in and around the game

Getting youth players into a new career.




Give one of our specialist career support team a call on 0161 4495767 or email to reach our Director Sarah Ashworth. We’d be delighted to chat through your options.